Sponsors and supporters 2013

Here’s a big big thanks to all our major sponsors and supporters whose imagination and generosity makes the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance’s first national Fair Food Week 2013 a reality.

Fair Food Week 2013 is coordinated by AFSA, the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance to support the Peoples’ Food Plan process, Australia’s first crowdsourced policy directions document and its first-ever Fair Food Week.

During the week we shone a bright light… a light that will illuminate dark, murky corners of our food system… dingy, hidden places that some would like to keep in the dark. But that light also shone on the innovators, those people who make good things happen, the food-creatives who coax into existence new ideas to produce and distribute good food fairly to we eaters, all of us.

So, it’s thanks to our sponsors, supporters and creative teams who are making this a successful,  inaugural event in 2013.

Special thanks to our major sponsors:​

be-the-change-200x200 Be the Change
Be The Change Australia’s purpose is to educate, inspire and empower individuals, organisations and communities on the path to a sustainable, just and fulfilling future.
oxfam-200x200 Oxfam Australiagrow-200
We’ve been working with communities for more than 50 years, and we provide people with the skills and resources to help them create their own solutions to poverty. Join our GROW campaign to help build a future where everyone has enough to eat.
flavourcrusader-200x200 FlavourCrusader
FlavourCrusader is a community of farmers, gardeners, cooks and eaters fighting for a healthy, fair and delicious food supply. Join us on TwitterFacebook or Instagram.
VFMA victorian farmers’ markets association
Victorian farmers’ markets provide an opportunity for our farmers to sell direct and take full credit for their efforts. By shopping at farmers’ markets customers are guaranteed access to quality, freshly harvested produce whilst supporting local farmers and directly putting money back into regional Victorian communities.
 acfcgn_twitter-sq-lt-blue Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network
The Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network connects community gardeners around Australia.The Australian Community Gardens Network is an informal, community-based organisation linking people interested in community gardening across Australia.
FCF-logo-200 Food Connect Foundation
The Food Connect Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation shaping the creative food economy by empowering agri-preneurs and food-preneurs; and promoting conscious food and agricultural choices


Thanks to all our supporters:

locovore-200-square The Locavore Edition
We are dedicated to revealing the stories and experiences of regional food producers and the brands, events and activities that wrap around an authentic, sustainable food message.
sffa_200-square Sydney Food Fairness Alliance
The Sydney Food Fairness Alliance (SFFA) is a network of consumers, rural producers, health professionals, community workers and advocates who want to see food security for all within a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable food system.


AFSA organising team

For our first national Fair Food Week 2013 to run smoothly and successfully we’d like to say a very big thank you to the organising team.

Fair Food Week 2013 organising group:

  • Alice Blackwood
  • Shirley Collins
  • Cherie Gwozdziewski
  • Emily Gray
  • Russ Grayson
  • Cat Green

  • Fiona Leiper
  • Hannah Moloney
  • Sandra Murray
  • Nick Rose
  • Rasha Tayeh
  • Neesh Wray

Web team:

  • Antoanela Kokinos
  • Nick Rose

Poster design:

  • Cat Green
  • Margaret Lipinska


Peoples’ Food Plan electoral scorecard:
  • Chris Chapple
  • Michael Croft
  • Nick Rose


Peoples’ Food Plan revision team:

  • Bob Phelps
  • Russ Grayson
  • Antoanela Kokinos

  • Carol Richards
  • Nick Rose
  • Kate Wingrove