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Thank you to the farmers, gardeners and cooks for taking the time out of your busy lives to enter. Your stories are beautiful! You shared sweet moments, heavenly food and a little piece of you. Sophie Munns, the preliminary judge, evaluated entries by the criteria of impact, creativity and story to determine the finalists. Congratulations!

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Produce by Becky
Borage~Edible Flowers From garden-Aug2013

Produce by Melinda
Queensland’s very own Rhodavale Pork – Humane Choice Certified Free Range. Owned and operated by a young farming family, Rhodavale is a special place were pigs live their entire lives enjoying the fresh air, sunshine, mud, grass & dirt, doing only what pigs do best!!! Rhodavale pigs are HAPPY pigs and happy pigs taste AMAZING!!!

Dish by Lauren
A steamy bowl of leek and veggie soup for us tonight to ward of the chills! Sautee leek, onion and garlic in some butter or oil in a large saucepan. Once softened add some potato, carrot and celery, stiring until the potato is cooked. Pour in around 8 cups of boiling water, white beans, and salt and pepper. Cook for a further 5 minutes, add a bunch of chopped parsley and serve. Only 20 minutes and this one can be on the table! Great healthy comfort food.

Produce by Rebecca
small, sweet and ripe to eat, this is just some of last seasons delicious harvest from our quaint, old school farm

Produce by Nicole
Under my clothes line I grow a feast for my family and friends. The challenge is always keeping out the chooks

Dish by Harvest
Produce (except the cert org Aussie butter!) in this #Dish came straight from my once-was autumn garden. #MyFoodStory

Dish by Lauren
Beet, avocado, dill, sprouts, pepitas and a honey mustard dressing for today’s salad. Yummo!!

Dish by Gavin
The prep for my entree, caught fish diving, homemade mustard, home grown radish with mayonnaise, mandarin and love

Produce by Bec
I am so proud of this! A lot of hard work goes into our ‘urban homestead’ but these are the tangible rewards. Growing your own organic food using permaculture principles & natural solutions, raising chickens and bees, making meals from scratch, preserving food, being creative with home grown goodness, projects and DIY, being involved in our community, teaching our children, being good role models to our neighbours, enjoying the satisfaction of what we have accomplished… it is a lifestyle I highly recommend!

Dish by Bec
Apple scrap vinegar. Who knew that you could take the scraps from your fruit, and turn them into something useful. These scraps are from our first real harvest of apples from our various apple trees. I was making some of them into a pie, and remembered that I had read somewhere about turning the scraps into alcohol, then letting it become vinegar. Some of my bottles didn’t seem to turn, but the ones that did have made a beautiful subtle vinegar, with an appley flavour that goes great in salad dressings!

Dish by Cynthia
Foraged foods have been a recent revelation and we’ve totally enjoyed learning about edible wild foods. Pine mushrooms and parasols are our absolute favourites. Absolutely free food

Produce by Cynthia
Summer harvest and nosey chooks!

Dish by johcook
Labneh, hazelnuts, green olives, hazelnuts Lunch with @alexhmiles & friends #myfoodstory #dish #produce

Produce by ppmak
It’s not always about what you can grow to eat. Green manure is both tasty and essential for soil vitality! #myfoodstory

Produce by ppmak
This thyme is my favourite plant in the garden. It’s been through neglect and drought. 8 years and still giving more than I give. I love running my hands through it and breath in that earthy smell. #myfoodstory

Dish by spooky_girl
My entry for #MyFoodStory. Homemade pasta for my lasagna. Definitely not for everyday, this #dish is an all day affair that is eaten in an instant!

Dish by Bec
This lovely Roast Vege soup is made from roasted root vegetables, including a variety of lovely home grown pumpkins. We grow heaps of different pumpkins and squash each warm season, then store them on our back patio table over Winter. They store well, and slowly get used up in mash, soup, risotto, and with a good old roast dinner. While the oven is on for the roast, I add cubed pumpkin and root vegetables, to then make this soup!

Produce by Bec
These are a selection of our home grown, dried beans, with gorgeous scarlet runner beans in front. The beans are left on the vine until they are fat and start to dry, then we pod them, dry the beans thoroughly, store them, and use them through Winter!

Produce by Sandra
Asparagus Pea Flower I love experimenting with unusual veggies- the sort you’ll never find in the supermarket. The bonus is when they’re beautiful as well, like these bicolour scarlet flowers that I get before the pods form.

Produce by ppmak
A scraggly harvest of spring onions that will go in my lunch. They’re just waking up for spring! What are you growing in your garden? Do you have a food story? Play along with Flavour Crusader, just by adding #myfoodstory #dish or #produce to your post!

Produce by Belinda
In 2011 my tomatoes went nuts! I had an abundance of Mini Romas and Tomatoberries, although the possums got a few and the neighbours’ kids were welcome to share. Hunting for recipes to use them up, tomato and goat cheese tarts went down a treat for Christmas lunch, and delicious semi-dried tomatoes lasted well into Winter.
Produce by Cynthia
Summers produce from our garden in Seymour.

These were the finalists for My Food Story competiton. Check the winners page on September 1st!

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