My Food Story

Sophie Munns, Lucinda Dodds & Zoe Bowman

sophie munnsSOPHIE MUNNS
Sophie Munns is a visual artist based in Brisbane. Current project ‘Homage to the Seed’ explores Art, Seeds and Bio{cultural} diversity.

A love of natural and living things has stayed with the artist through five decades and 36 relocations between city, urban & regional landscapes. From 1980 Sophie taught in NSW schools, lived in London (1986-88), settling for the cultural mix of Melbourne in 1988. A studio business in Collingwood teaching, producing commissioned artwork, freelancing for a Textile Company, exploring passions for ancient and diverse cultures, gardens, shared plates, and conversation fostered connection, collaboration and community.

Relocation to Newcastle in 2000 shifted focus to a more orthodox painting practice. Teaching and intense studio application led to exhibiting frequently, two encouraging Art Prizes, plus commencement of a M.F.A in 2007.

In 2008 re-orientation to Brisbane prompted a fresh response, picking up a fascination with ethnobotany as a way to address critical planetary pressure on natural ecosystems. Considering the impact of human interventions in the natural world on the global seed inheritance has ushered in a more mature phase as a visual artist where past concerns and passions have all found voice in a multi-dimensional visual arts project exploring Bio{cultural} diversity through artist residencies rich in opportunities for cross-pollination with individuals and ventures around seeds, plant science and community.

Lucinda Dodds is an artist, gardener and cook. She thinks about food far too often, developing recipes for Select Harvests, being one half of the team behind An Honest Kitchen, a publication about real food that’s good for you, and is committed to depicting the ingredients she cooks with in their beautiful, natural state. It’s bordering on an obsession. She writes about healthy ways of eating for The Guardian Australia and encourages readers of her blog, Nourish Me, to eat well through showing just how sexy vegetables can be. She and her partner grow much of their own fruit and vegetables on a small 1¼ acre block in the Macedon Ranges, high up on an often misty hill in Victoria’s Central Highlands. Like all gardeners, they know there’s a never-ending set of lessons on offer as each season swings in, they spend a lot of time improving their soil and are pretty much exhausted at the end of each day. She has high hopes that this year’s garlic harvest is epic.

zoe bowmanZOE BOWMAN
Zoe Bowman grew up eating frozen vegetables and instant mashed potato and can’t quite remember when she realised that wasn’t the way she wanted to go about things.

She works for the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation and loves blogging about food but seems to never have time for it anymore. There’s always time for gardening though, and sometimes (not on purpose) she grows big things. She’s just getting ready to move to a new house and trying to work out how to take as much of the garden with her as she can.

Her Instagram feed is filled with #gardenspam and jealous-making things, lately including lots of cheese making with milk from the raw milk herdshare she belongs to. The upside-down pig’s head? Quelle surprise!

In this picture there is a young goose sticking it’s head up her jumper, she doesn’t normally look like that.