Sour Dough Bread Day

October 12, 2014

October 12, 2014

9:00 am To 3:30 pm

3 Thomas Rd, Nannup, WA 6275

08 97561408

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One very handy food which can be the most sustaining is bread. Dr Weston A Price used a freshly ground wheat gruel to heal children suffering from terminal disease. The priest had been called in to administer last rights to these children, who were brought to  Dr Price when all hope was gone.

His cure was freshly ground wheat, golden butter from cows in spring grass, and  whole milk. The young patients were running around in no time. Its all in his excellent  1920’s published book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.

No child needs to suffer from  bright white squares of pliable fluff!

Learn about how real sourdough bread (with it’s life enhancing nutritional properties) starts with a healthy soil. Follow the creation of bread from the paddock to the farmhouse where we will experience the intriguing age old practices of threshing, winnowing and  milling the grain. On this day you will become proficient at mixing, kneading and baking a bread that will provide essential nourishment for your family. We will show you the streamlined method which Bee uses to turn out 25 loaves a week for the markets, and introduce marvellous mud ovens. Of course you will not go hungry , we intend to stuff you with pizza and fruit bread.

The cost of this powerfully educational day is $120.00 per person or $200 per family


Merri Bee Organic Farmacy

3 Thomas Rd NANNUP 6275

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Merri Bee Organic Farmacy is a 27 acre Permaculture which has been developing for 30 years . The visitor will find a broad array of tools and techniques for sustainable living, from native bushland restoration to sustainable forestry, cell grazing and food forestry, to intensive food and medicinal gardens and hand made homes, we are growing  a place of genuine wealth and abundance . 

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  1. bee winfield
    bee winfield (Listing owner)

    Two very different breads, each in a plastic bag overnight. The home made sourdough wheat bread on the right has been excavated by the wild life at our Karridale camp overnight. Wisely, they did not touch the commerical bread on left

    September 14, 2014 at 9:14 am Reply

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