Tour of Food_Skil, Shop and Market Gardens

August 24, 2013

August 24, 2013

10:30 am To 11:30 am

15 Labuan Square, Norlane, 3214, Victoria


Event Description

The current food system is not working for low income consumers, especially in regional areas.

The Barwon region grows a large proportion of Victoria’s food.

Rather than sold direct, this produce is shipped  to Melbourne, sold through the wholesale Markets and then back to Geelong through one main wholesaler Glynn Harvey (one of the top 3 re-sellers in the state) or one of the two major supermarkets. Every part of this supply chain adds costs to the food, which is passed onto the consumer. The increasing cost has led to the demise of the local fruit and vegetable shop as profit margins became unsustainable. This has created Food Deserts in low income areas such as Corio and Norlane, which only has 2 fruit and vegetable shops outside of the shopping centre for a population of 24,000.

Food_Skil proposes to bypass this broken system by growing our own, buying direct from local growers and creating affordable fresh food shops in low income areas.

About the tour

Take a tour of Food_Skil with the founder and General Manger, Katharine Drummond-Gillett. Learn about why Food_Skil is needed and what we do.

The tour will take in the shop, the market garden in a secret location and the smaller market garden at St Thomas Aqunus, Norlane. It will run for 1 hour.



Short description—organiser

In Norlane 26.5% of households have no car ownership and in Corio it is 15.8% (ABS 2012). Accessing fresh food without a car in these two suburbs is difficult. Planning research indicates that a person is food insecure if they have no shops within 500m of their home. An average healthy person would find it difficult to walk home from the shops with heavy shopping for more than two blocks, let alone a mother with a pushchair, a senior or a person with a disability. Less than half of Victorian adults eat the recommended number of serves of fruit daily and less than 10% eat the recommended number of serves of vegetables. The number of Victorians that eat the recommended amount for fruit and vegetables has fallen in recent years. Corio and Norlane has a higher than average incidence of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and mental health issues, there has been extensive research to show that increased consumption of fresh food reduces the risk of these diseases. During the 2005-7 drought, vegetable prices in Australia increased by 33% and fruit prices by 43%, compared to an overall increase in food prices of 12%. There has been recent research done in the U.K. to indicate that the increased price of fruit and vegetables has led to reduced consumption. Low income families spend 40% of their income on a healthy diet whereas the average family spends 20%.


Foodskil is a social enterprise whose mission is to improve the health and well being of the residents of Corio and Norlane through increasing access to affordable fresh fruit and vegetables; to create opportunities for training and employment and to increase skills and knowledge around fresh and healthy food. Food Alliance and Vic Health A Resilient Fruit and Vegetable Supply for a Healthy Victoria, Christine Kettings and Andrew J. Sinclair, School of Exercise and Nutrition Science, Deakin University, Melbourne, Victoria Melanie Voevodin, Nestlé Healthcare Nutrition, Melbourne, Victoria A healthy diet consistent with Australian health recommendations is too expensive for welfare-dependent families.

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