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Fair Food Week celebrates the accomplishments of Australian projects that support fair food, educating ourselves about innovative policy strategies that can support Fair Food, and creating new experiences for people with Fair Food.

Let’s put Food Sovereignty on the Australian table so farmers can keep farming… So that young people will feel encouraged to go into farming… And so that family farmers around the world know that we are acting for their sovereignty.

It’s time to shine the light on the new story of Fair Food flourishing across Australia.

agroecologyAgroecological farming – agriculture practiced in partnership with nature – is widely recognised by international bodies, including the FAO, as better for people, animals, and the planet.

What novel agroecological farming methods and forms of natural resource management are being practised in your region? How are these combining to protect environments and respect human and animal health and welfare, all while providing food for local communities?


eatingThe right to healthy, affordable and culturally appropriate food that is produced with minimal impact on the environment is now globally recognised, but is not always respected or fulfilled.

What individuals and organisations in your local community or region are educating and encouraging people to rethink their eating habits for health and sustainability? How are they enabling people to exercise real food choices based on their cultures, traditions and histories?


accessThe modern supermarket provides the illusion of choice, when in reality power in the food processing and retail sectors are highly concentrated and price fixing is common.

What genuine alternatives to shopping outside the supermarket duopoly exist in your community, such as Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)? How are these initiatives supporting local businesses, livelihoods and economies?


Ideas for your event

So, why not organise a:

  •  community garden or farm tours
  • dinner 
  • forum
  • workshop
  •  speaker
  •  film night
  •  farmers’ fair
  •  food swap

or something else that’s really attention-grabbing.

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Image credits: Joel Orchard @ FutureFeeders, Victorian Farmers’ Market Association and CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 The Edible Garden Project